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Dongguan HEDA Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: 2nd北京赛车pk10 Industrial Estate, Lianhu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, CN.

北京赛车pk10 TEL:+86 0769 38802668 Mobile: +86 18822962716

FAX: +86 0769 87882053

北京赛车pk10 Service Tel: 400-1125-800

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HEDA (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
Address:NO.7, Building 10, Jiawu Yuan, Rigui Rosd, Pingjiang District Suzhou City, China.
Tel:0512-67157981  67501255

HEDA (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Address:Third floor, Building 2, Num 258, Songmin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai City,China.
北京赛车pk10 E-mail:shsales@heda-china.com 

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